We provide Excellent Lawn Care Services

One Lawn at A Time

Welcome to Carters Lawn Care

One Yard At a time

We provide ongoing property maintenance which includes:

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Our fall clean-up service is the process of removing all leaves, branches of the summer season.

Hedge Trimming

Let Carter provide you with  a beautiful landscape that reflects an eco-friendly environment.

Landscaping Service

We provide a complete range of landscaping services all designed to enhance the beauty of your home and property.

Delivery of Supplies

We will deliver all landscaping supplies you need to get the job done.

Our Seven Courtesies

You can always expect these 7 courtesies that we provide whenever we step on your lawn.

1. Blow off your driveway. 2. Pick up trash debris. 3. Be mindful  of flower bed. 4. Bring newspaper to your front door. 5. Move trash to your desired location. 6  Blow off your porch. 7. Close gate when we leave.